Laser-Guided Cataract Surgery Delivers a Bonus

by The Eye Center | Dec 16, 2015

Doctors from The Eye Center discuss this procedure and the benefits it may deliver.

Columbia, S.C, Dec 16, 2015 – Laser surgery has long been the gold standard in cataract treatment, enabling doctors to quickly and effectively restore vision without requiring a lengthy hospital stay. A relatively new development in this procedure enables doctors to not only correct cataracts, but eyesight as well. Laser-guided therapy delivers benefits that go beyond the norm.

“This surgical advancement delivers even more precision to the prospect of cataract removal than traditional laser techniques,” say the physicians at The Eye Center. “This, in turn, enables surgeons to not only remove the damaged lens for replacement, but also correct astigmatism at the same time.”

While vision can be corrected in traditional cataract procedures by using a prescriptive replacement lens, this new option delivers a more permanent solution that is similar to combining cataract removal and laser corrective surgery, such as Lasik, in a single procedure. In addition, laser-guided procedures are considered easier on the eye because the damaged lens is removed by the laser itself instead of a surgeon’s blade. This laser-guided option essentially streamlines the procedure by offering a more precise way to control most of the steps involved in cataract removal.

Cataracts are common with aging, but can arise in younger patients, as well. This condition involves the clouding of the eye’s lens, essentially blurring or blocking vision. When cataracts advance, the eye’s lens must be removed and replaced to restore clear vision.

“Cataract surgery has come a tremendous distance in the past few decades,” the doctors say. “This latest advancement offers more precision while potentially enabling doctors to deliver the bonus of corrected vision in a permanent fashion.”

To find out more about cataract removal options, be sure to consult with a licensed eye surgeon. Laser-guided procedures are not recommended for all patients.

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